Este es un texto que sirve como ejemplo, titulado The History of Economy in Colombia    

By the late 1990s, management consulting had become one of the most desired professions for those earning MBA degrees.  This global industry was led by giants such as McKinsey, Bain Capital, or Deloitte.  In the following video, Chris McKenna (Oxford University) author of the award-winning book The World’s Newest Profession: […]

How has the role of female scholars evolved in the field of business history? Mary Yaeger (University of California at Berkeley), past president of the Business History Conference, has been promoting the participation of women in the organization and in the field.  In the following video, she provides us with […]

 The media and academia are full of studies trying to understand the rise of China as a super-power.  In which way does a historian’s view help us to understand this process.  Philip Scranton provides us with some of his thoughts about this. More on Philip Scranton  A bibliography of works […]

Patrick Fridenson is a renown business historian who for decades has played an important role in the profession. In the following video he talks about what he believes are the perils of the profession.  This is an extremely useful conversation for young business historians. More on Patrick Fridenson  A bibliography of […]

Thomas McCraw (1940-2012) was one of the most influential scholars at promoting the research and teaching of business history.  Some of his works are obliged sources for anyone interested in the development of the American corporate sector.  William Childs (Ohio State University), a renown historian on business regulation, was his […]

In the following video, William Lazonick (University of Massachusetts at Lowell) guides us through his intellectual journey that took him from economic theory to history to then find the relevance to current economic policy.  The implications have enormous relevance for today. More on William Lazonick A basic bibliography on the […]

Business and economic historians have traditionally paid particular attention to the financial sector.  Those interested in entering this field will benefit from the reflections of professor Richard Sylla (New York University). In the following video, he gives us his account of what it means to be a historian of finance […]

Since the 1990s, the field of business history has been flourishing in Latin America.  Rory Miller (University of Liverpool) was a pioneer in this process.  He has been studying the region’s business history for decades.  In the following video, he provides us with a wonderful account of his decades-long academic […]

How can historians study shady business? What are the challenges of studying fraud? What are the benefits? Edward Balleisen (Duke University) author of Fraud explains this in the following video.  More on Ed Balleisen Balleisen, Edward (2017), Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff. Princeton: Princeton University Press Balleisen, Edward (2001) […]